1707 - A Most Unusual Sampler

A Most Unusual Sampler 1

An historic sampler from the Guild Collection (Item 2011.28) has been reproduced and charted for you to recreate yourself.

This unusual German sampler contains cross stitch over 1, 2 and 3 plus a small variety of specialty stitches and an area of drawn thread whitework, making it a very interesting and visually pleasing project. 

The chart pack includes

  • Complete stitch guides for all the specialty stitches and thorough instructions for the whitework area.  If you do not wish to tackle the whitework, a small chart of alternative counted work embroidery is also included.

  • The reproduction chart with all the quirks and errors stitched on the original.

  • A second re-imagined sampler chart which allows you to stitch in a more orderly fashion.

The complete chart pack, costing AU$25, includes both the original and the reimagined versions, "1707 - A Most Unusual Sampler Reimagined" is available here.  

Please download your pdf file from the link received and remember to save your pdf to your computer or device for future access.

All funds raised from the sale of this pattern will go to the support and running of the extensive historic textile collection at the EGWA.