Can Can Birds
Jul 24

Can Can Birds

by Embroiderers Guild of Western Australia
Start Date
24-Jul-2024 9:30 am
End Date
25-Jul-2024 3:30 pm
(UTC+08:00) Australia/Perth

Registrations Close
19 July 2024 11:00 PM

Cost:  Member $140.00

Non-Member $280.00

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Carol Cooke is an Australian Textiles artist, Author and Extreme Embroiderer.  She is visiting WA and would like to share her designs and creative methods with our Guild.

Carol explores the use of traditional embroidery stitches but throw away patterns, throw away the rules and relax as you make unique embroidered art. Compose your own works of art using imagination, inventiveness, creativity and improvise. Your results will be unexpected and amazing.




 Improv:Embroidery uses conventional time-tested stitches, but now the rules have changed. ‘Improv’ refers to inventing your own work rather than following someone else’s patterns and instructions. Together we explore many ideas that you adapt to your own projects.

Using commercial cloth will become a discovery on how to colour in images into your own unique and original works of art. While the topic is the same for each student you will all go home with a Can Can Bird from Paris that is unique to you.

This is a place to escape, a place to be still and listen to your heartbeat as your needle and thread creates your story. You take full ownership. Be still and listen. Your silence opens a door. What is it you hear? Poem by Philip Snellen THROW PERFECTION OUT THE WINDOW. Fear of failure? Trying something new? Then you are in the right place. What is perfection? Is it attainable? We can always do better!

Perfection is a myth which should be debunked and left behind.

Day One

Carol will demonstrate the basic techniques of her latest book 'Improv Embroidery' and how to lay down the embroidery stitches. You will learn the basics of her way of  applique on a simple bird image (provided by the tutor.) We will take some stitches and re-create the original fabric into individual birds. Each one will look different.

Day Two

Carol will talk about design ideas, reviewing samples completed by the tutor.  We will continue working on your design thinking about selection of colour and colouring options with stitches to fill in the space. We will also look at ways to fill around the final piece to add a flow and direct the eye to the final work.

You will go home with ideas on how to work with all these techniques to make a larger work of art.

Improv Embroidery Book MIGHT BE available to purchase during the class as a class guide but is not compulsory.  This will depend on a new delivery expected “any day now!”

Registrations open: 24th May 2024


Wednesday 24th July 2024

Thursday 25th July 2024,

Time: 9.30am to 3.30pm
Tutor: Carol Cooke
Skill Level: All

Class Fees:

EGWA Member - $140.00

Non-Member - $280.00

Membership attracts a 50% discount on all workshops (join here and save!)

Kit Cost: $30.00

Includes: Base fabrics, applique fabrics, and some embellishments.

(Please place payment for the kit in an envelope with your name and give it to the tutor directly on the first day of the workshop)

What to bring

Perle cotton threads, 6 stranded embroidery thread.

And interesting threads that you would like to try such as sparkly threads or even some machine sewing threads.

Embroidery needles.

Long flower head pins

Small sharp Embroidery scissor

Embroidery Hoop, 5 - 7 inch in diameter

Frixon fabric marker

Note pad and pen

A few beads and sequins for embellishments

And don’t forget an open mind to new and fun ways to play with your threads and fabric.


Registrations will open on 24th May 2024 at 9:00am & close on Monday 1st July 2024 at 11:00pm.


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Event Location
Guild House
565 Canning Highway
Alfred Cove WA
Contact Details
Workshop Registrar Liz Robson

Saturday 20th Jul 2024 - Sunday 21st Jul 2024
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Carol will be in Albany and has offered to teach this workshop to our members there. She will teach you her way of Appliqué on a simple bird image, as well as how to apply embroidery stitches to embellish in a way that is unique. ...
Thursday 25th Jul 2024
Breaking Boundaries - a talk by Carol Cooke, Textile Artist, Author Alfred Cove
Carol Cooke is a Canberra based Textile Artist and Author. She is coming to WA to do two workshops with the Guild (one in Albany and one in Perth) and will be presenting a talk "Breaking Boundaries: Embracing Courage to Challenge Conventional Wisdom. For further detail, go to the Event page. ...