How to Make a Textile Donation

Donations of historic textiles, hand or machine embroidery, lace or tools, are most welcome.

Museum policy guides decisions about what is collected and ensures we have a highly respected collection of embroidery, lace and related equipment. A donation should enhance the Collection by having provenance and significance. Provenance covers aspects such as ownership, identification of the craftsperson, a date and country of origin where possible. Significance covers historic and social associations (such as, the item came out on a ‘bride ship’ to WA in 1890 as part of a young lady’s trousseau), artistic and aesthetic considerations, rarity, condition and the capacity to tell a story.

Not every donation can cover all these, so don’t be afraid to let us have a look at what you have to offer. Sometimes only one significant aspect is enough to warrant a place in the Collection.

Please note that only outright donations are accepted, not loans.

The Guild is always on the look-out for embroideries and lace that will enhance or fill gaps in the Collection, whilst at the same time keeping abreast of contemporary trends. If you would like to offer pieces to the Guild Collection please contact the coordinator at:

We look forward to seeing your donations and reading the stories they have to tell.

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