Personal Development Programme (Previously Called Programme)


Guild Members who wish to advance their skills and knowledge for their own personal development and satisfaction can undertake a variety of courses of independent study. With the help of a mentor sharing expertise and resources from the Guild you would follow a set of guidelines and submit a folio for each of the modules for assessment.

Recognition within in the guild is achieved by the awarding of a certificate for each module.

The programme is free to members however some courses require attendance at a series of workshops that incur a fee.

Many modules are already available but if you have an embroidery related area that you would like to explore further in a structured manner, we can design a module to suit your needs.

The time required to complete a module is flexible and can be tailored to suit your lifestyle or needs. You can set your own pace.

Folios for each module may be submitted for assessment in any order.

Modules currently available are as follows:

Introduction to embroidery (previously known as Foundations 1)

Submission of this folio follow a series of workshops.

Construction and finishing techniques in embroidery (previously known as Foundations 2)

Submission of a folio will follow a series of workshops for finishing techniques such as bag and box making.

Certificate of General embroidery – Hand

This certificate comprises 6 modules which provide an overview of the most common hand embroidery techniques. Participants are not expected to study these in depth, but to gain a broad overview of each technique. The techniques studied are:

  • Hardanger
  • Pulled fabric
  • Drawn thread
  • Black work
  • Canvas work
  • Surface embroidery (previously crewelwork)

Students are required to submit a small folio for assessment for each of the above techniques. Folios may be submitted in any order.

Certificate of General embroidery- Machine

This certificate includes the following techniques:

  • Basic Machine Techniques
  • Design transfer and colouring
  • Thread painting
  • Pulled thread, lace and cutwork
  • Surface decoration
  • Applique
  • Fabric Manipulation

Students are required to submit a small folio for assessment for each of the above techniques in the order as listed.

Specialisation Certificates for Advanced skills

Those wishing to advance their skills and knowledge to a higher level in a technique or related field may undertake a specialisation certificate to an intermediate or advanced level. This will involve a course of independent study with the aid of a mentor who is recognised as having a high level of skill in that technique or field.

You will complete a folio for assessment. The area of study must be approved by the Guild’s Education Committee.

Modules are currently available for many techniques. If you have an embroidery technique or related area that you would like to explore in depth in a structured manner we can design a module to suit your needs.


The Guild has a Teacher Accreditation Programme for those who wish to teach embroidery.

The program includes 5 components.

Three parts are already described above

  • Introduction to Embroidery
  • Construction and Finishing Techniques for Embroidery
  • General Certificate of Embroidery (Hand OR Machine)

Also required is presentation of a folio in:

  • Creative design

Submission of this folio follows a series of workshops.

  • Basic teaching skills

Submission of this folio follows a series of workshops.

Following the successful completion of all components you will be awarded an Embroiderers Guild of WA Teaching Certificate.

On occasion, exemption to various components of the full course may be granted.


For further information on participation in any of the Self development Programme components, please contact the Guild office at Your enquiry will be forwarded to the Certificate co-ordinator.